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Wind & Solar Energy Activity along Talbot Trail

This blog deals with wind turbines and solar panels being installed in the and around Chatham-Kent.

  • More wind than science in turbine debate...

    "The chief medical officer of Ontario publishes annual reports that mention the 9,000 Ontarians who die every year from respiratory ailments caused in part by emissions from coal-fired electric plants. Most of these deaths are seniors and children."

    The artical in the Toronto Star on Wed., March 9th, 2011 caught my eye and attention.  The author is Derek Satnik.

    Click here to view the story.   You might want to read some of the Comments registed on this story.

    You decide what is best for your family.

  • Ontario Rules Out Offshore Wind Projects

    This news just in...
    The McGuinty government remains committed to renewable energy while protecting the ennvironment.  A statement was released stating that Ontario is not proceeding with proposed offshore wind projects while further scientific research is conducted.  No Renewable Energy Approvals for offshore have been issued and no offshore projects will proceed at this time.  Applications for offshore wind projects in the Feed-In-Tariff program will no longer be accepted and current applications will be suspended. 
    Offshore wind in freshwater lakes is early in development and there are no projects operating in North America.  The recently installed Lake Vanern pilot project in Sweden is one of the only operational freshwater offshore projects in the world and a pilot project has been proposed in Ohio.  Ontario will monitor these projects and the resulting scientific knowledge.  Ontario will work with our U.S. neighbours on research to ensure any future proposed projects protect the environment on both sides of the Great Lakes.

    Ontario remains committed to renewable energy.  Renewable energy is a key part of our Open Ontario Plan to create clean energy jobs while improving air quality by closing coal-fired generation. 

  • Part of Largest Green Energy Initiative in Canadian History in Chatham-Kent

    The Merlin Wind Farm/BWP Wind Limited Partnership is one of the 184 contracts across the Province that have been announced under the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) program.

    It means new jobs, a cleaner environment and the domestic content requirements in these projects will mean thousands of new jobs in the growing green energy sector and about $9 billion in private-sector and about $9 million in private-sector investment across the Province.

     The first phase of this development is up but not spinning. They have been standing there for over 4 months but not generating a dime of power for some reason.  Anyone know why?

  • Everyone asks about the Wind Mills...

    Everyone interested in real estate along Talbot Trail asks about the wind turbines.  First let me say that I live on a waterfront property along the Trail and YES, I have windmills in the fields to the north.  The expression "Wind Turbines" leaves the impression that these things sound like jet engines.  Well they don't!

    This blog will provide a place for you to express your opinions regarding the windmills.  I will share my thoughts and pirctures of these structures.  I ask others to provide their personal comments.