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Dealtown Casino Hotel and Retirement Village Initiative

SWRC gravel pit, solar farm or retirement resort?

Rumors and speculation are flying in Chatham as to the potential new use, or misuse, of the Southwestern Regional Centre in Dealtown Ontario unfold. While Brian Keenan gathers support for a plan to transform the closed centre into the Dealtown Casino Hotel and Retirement Village with a rural flair, others are hoping to demolish the buildings and dig a gravel pit. Reliable sources, if there is such a thing, claim that a local business owner and an aggregate (gravel pit) company from our area have joined forces to buy the 235 acres and 29 interconnected buildings to mine the property of its "sandy" gold and copper pipes.

It is bad enough that the government would even consider selling this complex to someone for a solar project that would demolish the buildings; but now details of another ecology unfriendly bidder have surfaced. Let me remind you that the replacement value of the buildings and infrastructure alone is close to a billion dollars.  Imagine what the public reaction would be if the government sells the property to someone who wants to demolish the buildings for scrap and transform the resulting hole in the ground into a gravel pit?

Talbot Trail is one of Chatham-Kent's main tourist attractions from Wheatley to St Thomas. The stretch of road from Cedar Springs to Wheatley offers tourists one of most spectacular views of Lake Erie.  The Trail, as I call it, has attracted people from all over Canada who chose to buy their waterfront retirement homes on the Trail verse anywhere else in Ontario. Can you imagine what would happen to their property values if the SWRC becomes a gravel pit and the Trail becomes a dump-truck road?

It's time to wake-up and shake-up the government before this valuable property is dumped on the market for a destructive use, like a solar farm or a gravel pit or both.  There is a far better solution and it would take less than a day to have it happen! 

This Dealtown property should be given to the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation for $1.00 so that the property can be transformed into a healthy resort capable of generating several thousand jobs in the community; also capable of generating millions of dollars of revenue for the province to pay down its staggering deficit; capable of building a major tourist attraction in southwestern Ontario; and God help me for saying, capable of rebuilding rural support for the Liberal government that lost its majority status for the way they shoved the Green Energy Bill down the throats of rural Ontario!

Please don't let this happen!  Call our new MPP Rick Nicholls; call CK's mayor, Randy Hope; call anyone how can help save the regional center from destruction!  Tell them we need jobs, not solar panels and certainly not more sand pits!

 Brian Keenan, Chairman of the Dealtown Casino Initiative 



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