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Dealtown Casino Hotel and Retirement Village Initiative

Niagara Falls Officials Cry the Blues

Niagara Falls Officials Cry the Blues…

Niagara Falls MPP Kim Craitor is a selfish, protectionist, cry-baby along with all the other Niagara officials!  More than a decade ago, the gaming authority in Ontario, OLG, gave new life and economic prosperity to Niagara Falls.  The decision to open, not one but two, casinos in Niagara Falls delivered some $2 billion in investments in hotels, restaurants and attractions to the city.  Now Craitor and city officials are crying foul on the chance that Toronto, or some other needier city, might get a casino.

What about the concept of sharing good fortune with other much less fortunate cities? No, Craitor wants to keep the Golden Goose to himself, even if it means going against his party wishes.  He wants cities like Chatham to get the sour grapes, or should I say “the wind turbines” and “solar farms!”

I am sick and tired of hearing the rich cities cry; and see cities like Windsor get one economic cookie after another, while cities like Chatham, Tilbury, Blenheim, Ridgetown and Wheatley (collectively called Chatham-Kent or CK) get literally wiped off the map.

In the last decade CK has lost over 13,000 jobs which is about 20% of its adult workforce. The most recent census reported a drop in CK’s population in excess of 4500 souls.  The city with the 5th lowest real estate values in Canada has elegant Victorian mansions for sale at distress prices below the price of small condos or tiny town-houses in the GTA and the Niagara region.

Read my lips Mr Craitor and all the other political officials crying foul about OLG lifting the moratorium on casinos; Chatham-Kent needs HELP and needs it NOW!  Unless someone has a better idea; that much needed help can come in the form of OLG’s support for the proposed Dealtown Casino Hotel and Retirement Village initiative.  This $200+ million facelift and transformation of the 650,000 sq ft Southwestern Regional Centre (SWRC) in tiny Dealtown on the north shore of Lake Erie will not compete with the Niagara casinos; will not compete with Casino Rama; and will not even compete with the Windsor casino. This retirement resort and casino will however chase the ghosts out of Dealtown and Chatham-Kent.

Mr Craitor and pals, it’s our turn!

Brian Keenan

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